Piggytail's Tinker Bell
Ch. Lambeau X Sierra
Piggytails Desi
Ch Lambeau X Sierra Male

Piggytails Rocko & Susie
Cindr X Parker pups
Piggytails N Camelots Excaliber
Owned by Dale Steffy
Ch. Lambeau X Lily Male
Piggytail Knls can now boast of an obedience, agility, rally & tracking dog that was produced here.
MACH Piggytail's Tinker Bell 
VCD1,RA, MX, MXB, MXJ, MJB, NJC, TN-N, TT owned by Tracy MacMahn
went to Rainbow Bridge 070218 at almost
Piggytails Yaddy
& Lulu
Owned by The Lemons
Patriot N Piggytails
 Champagne Lady
Owned by Corinne Bobinsky
Ch. Lambeau X Cricket Female

Tilly X Ch. Beau

Deni  Lacey Ch. Pockets mom
Piggytails Jus Call Me 
Mr. Perfect
Ch. Buddy X Ch. Hilda
Passed over to Rainbow Bridge 2017

Piggytails Mirrored Image Of Endeavor
Ch. Beau X Ch. Pockets 
Piggytails Goober Man
Owned by Kevin Main
Piggytails Sweetie Pie CGC
Lace Pockets
Gone to Ranbow Bridge
Piggytails Tinker Bell 09
Agility Wins
Tokan & Oscar 09
Ricketts Catherine Zeta Jones Piggytail
Crossed oveer to Rainbow
Bridge 071018

Oz 2016
Piggytails Paco 09
Piggytails Snickers
A Tily Daughter
Piggytails Crusar
Piggytails Henry
Simon & Zetty
Piggytails Splendid Black Beauty
Rest In Peace
5 mo. Old 
Ch. Raisen X Ch. Kricket Son
Piggytails Tinker Bell 
High In Obedience Trial 2011
#1 Novice Obedience Dog PDCA 2011
Kentucky Piggytails 
Blackhawk Jett
A Tilly Son
Piggytails & Chantilly's Ebony Dream
Captain & Star
Piggytails Tinker Bell
TD Title  2011
A Lambeau Grandson
Simon X Serendippity Pup
1st Snow

Captain X Cricket
A Bentley Daughter
Piggytails Harley
Raisen X Kricket
Trouble Male & Female 7 wks.
Ch. Chantillys Captain
Piggytail finished 2014
in 8mo.
Trouble X Chance
Toby Keith X Sizzle
Sizzle X Toby Keith
Sizzle x Sneakers F. 2014
Piggytails Practical Magic At Mai Tai
Sizzle X Sneakers M. 2014
Presley & Cash
Nicki X Chance 2014
Jo Jo
Hank & Zeus Nicki X Chance Pups 2014
Tobi F. 6mo. 2015
Humphrey Bogart
Bingo 2015
Bingo 2015
Tobi Fall 2015
Dixie 2015
Red Corvette
Jett & daughter Persia 2016
Ch. Piggytail N Rogue's Castiel
Of Tefft  "Cass" Finished Ch. on 03/18/18
Diesel Son
Thelma & Louise
Heidi & Hilda Pups
Piggytails N Our Precious Mr. Grizz 
Gem & Diesel 
Male 2016
Passed over to Rainbow Bridge
Clover & Diesel M.
Baby & Buddy
Zeek 1yr. 2017
Olive 2017 3yrs..
Piggytails Oliver At B J's
Cashew X Nicki Pup
7mo. Dec 2017
Daisy 2017
Derby 2017
Born 2016
Ziva X Ch. Cashew M 121817
Romeo & Clover F 2017
Ch. Captain Jack X Clover
May 3, 2017
Piggytails N Rogues Carry On 
My Wayward Son (Sonny)
Ch. Cashew X Ch. Juliette
Dec. 2018
Piggytails N Our Precious
Kentucky Love ( Tucker)
Ch. Cashew X 4 Leaf Clover
Dec. 2018